6 ways to display and organize baseballs

Unique Ways to Display Your Kid’s (or Husband’s) Baseball Collection

Your home should reflect the things your family loves.

And, while you may want to relegate the baseball collection to the garage or attic, with a little editing, and some new display ideas, you can you honor your boys’ interests without making your home look like a man cave.

Whether it’s an autographed souvenir from their favorite team, or a game ball that commemorates a great season, it’s part of their story. And, if it’s special to them, it should be part of their surroundings.

We’ve all seen those traditional wood and glass display cases and acrylic cubes (which are really better for archival purposes…and sports bars!), but, if you’re looking for something a little different, there are other options.

Here are 6 unique ways to display baseballs in your home that both you and your boys will love!


1. On the Wall

I love these new racks from Restoration Hardware. They have an oil-rubbed bronze finish that fits in perfectly with the (very trendy) industrial look. It comes in three specialized sizes.

Baseball Display on the Wall


2. On a Podium

PB Teen offers a mini-display podium that can sit on a nightstand or shelf. It’s crafted of sustainable wood with classic molding and a front-facing label. It’s a great way to personalize your memento with all the game-day details. The Land of Nod offers a similar display stand (at a lesser price point). Packaged in sets of three or sold individually, these come in honey, blue, or red, and would be perfect for that ball autographed by the T-ball team.

Baseball Disply on a Podium



3. Under Glass

Everything looks better under glass (even baseballs!) Grab an over-sized vase or cloche and instantly upgrade the look. Here are a few examples for inspiration.

Baseball Display Under Glass

4. In a trophy

Vintage trophies are great! (Sometimes you can find them on etsy.)

Baseball Display in a Trophy



5. In a Wire Basket

Use a wire basket to reflect your boy’s favorite pastime in your decor. Try a vintage piece, or grab one like this from Crate and Barrel.

Baseball Display in a wire basket



6. In a Wooden Crate

Most Lovely Things created this truly “lovely” display of her son’s baseball treasures using wooden crates. Look for old soda crates or vintage wooden boxes to get this look.

Baseball Display in a Wooden Crate


So, whether you add a baseball display to your son’s room or add a collection in the den, with a little creativity, your home can truly reflect the things you all love.

Have you created any unique baseball display? If so, share your ideas below in the comments.


Additional Photo Sources: In a Trophy, Under Glass (1), Under Glass (2), Title Baseball Photo


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