I’m Stuck on Vintage Pins

Display Your Vintage Pins

Vintage pins are popping up everywhere!

Ever since Miranda Lambert walked down the aisle carrying that beautiful bouquet of vintage brooches, I can’t get enough of them.

Don’t leave your vintage bling just sitting in the attic turning into sentimental clutter. Get your family pins out of that old, dusty jewelry box and give them new life with one of these four lovely display ideas:

1. Old pins look modern and fresh holding up an important note or photo on your refrigerator. To turn them into magnets, use a pair of needle-nose pliers or wire cutters to remove the hardware from the back, then attach a magnet with a small bead of super-strong glue.

2. Group them on a frame or in a shadow box (especially with an photo of the former owner).

3. Or pin them on a pillow or a spool of twine (as Mamie Jane did above).

4. I’d bet they’d look great in a glass jar as well.

Honoring your past adds beauty and meaning to your home and connects you to generations past.

If you try any of these ideas (or have one of your own), feel free to link a photo in the comments below.

Photo Sources above (from left to right): Country Living, Mamie Jane’s, Hedgerow Rose, Collectible Vintage Brooches, Nate Berkus, and The Ritzy Rose

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