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Childhood toys, old trophies, handmade mother’s day cards . . . these are the remembrances of happy times!

In a recent survey in Oprah Magazine, 38% of all readers considered themselves “sentimental clutterers.” Too many of us have closets, basements, and even storage units filled with this type of stuff!

While consciously you know these things aren’t useful (and weigh you down), they’re filled with special memories that make it so hard to let them go.

So what should you do?

Do you really have to get rid of them?

While many experts would say yes.

I say no….

at least not if you don’t want to,

and not all of them,

and especially not right away!

There is another choice.

Tell the story of your stuff!

Documenting the sentimental can help you extract the meaning from the items we find so hard to let go.

I’ll be posting some free resources to help you accomplish this in the coming weeks, so be sure to jump on the tip list to learn more ways to organize the sentimental in your life.

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