12 First Day of School Photo Ideas

12 First Day of School Photo Ideas

The first day of school! A wonderful rite of passage!

New shoes, new clothes, new schedules and 12 new opportunities to document the change and growth of your kids!

Whether your little one is entering second or seventh grade, the first day of school is a wonderful time to take a special picture to celebrate the occasion.

Here are some great ideas and inspirations for photographing the first day of school:


First Day of School Signs

One of the best ways to celebrate the first day of school is with a sign! Create one with your kids, or design one on your computer. Include the year, grade (and maybe even the teacher).  Attach it to a clipboard, slip it in a frame, place it on an easel, or secure it to a yardstick or ruler . . . the possibilities are endless! Then get ready to capture a wonderful memory….

First Day of School Signs

Sources above

1. Kindergarten via The Sweetest Occasion

2. Preschool via Inchmark

3. Third Grade via All for the Boys

4. Fifth Grade via How Does She?


Chalkboard Signs

A great prop to use is a chalkboard. Small or large, chalkboards are a quick and easy way to signify the day and get your kid back into the school spirit.

First Day of School Chalkboard Signs



Sources above

5. 1st Day of School via Adventures of Bradysitting

6. Back to School 2012 via Tracy Enoch Photography

7. Second Grade via Kami Bigler on Makes and Takes

8. First Day of Kindergarten via Photography by Michelle


Add Text to your Photo

Another approach is to add your “sign” or copy in post-production!  Find an interesting or solid background – like the side of your house, or an empty wall – to take your first day of school photo. Frame it so your child stands off to one side to leave some space for your text. If you have photoshop (or photoshop elements), you know what to do, but if not, give PicMonkey a try. It’s my favorite free image editor that will let you add text to your photos.

First Day of School Add Your Text

Source above

9. Last Day of Preschool via The Anderson Crew



Consistency is one of the best ways to document change over time. By keeping all other elements of your photo consistent (the same pose, by the same tree, on the same morning) you can really celebrate the change that has taken place.

First day of School change over time

Source above:

10. Change Over Time via Reddit via Gizmodo


Picture within a Picture (a la Modern Family)

Inspired by the opening credits of Modern Family, a picture within a picture shot is a wonderful way to celebrate all types of milestones (think anniversaries, birthdays, even generations!) I love how they are used here to celebrate the passage through school. You can try this with a picture on the first and last day of each school year or have your senior hold a photo from kindergarten on his last day of high school!

First Day of School - Picture in PictureSources above:

11.First day of School / Last Day of School via Call Me Crafty Al

12. First Day of Kindergarten / Last Day of High School via Christina Dieselberg


Do-overs and Guilt-free Tips

Real life happens. Sometimes your don’t get the shot – your kids may be a bit anxious about school, the weather might not be cooperating, or maybe you’ve even got a wardrobe malfunction on your hands!

I’m a big fan of do-overs. If you miss the moment, (or if your kids just don’t want you to take their picture) feel free to recreate the scene when they get home from school or within a few weeks time when you and your child are more relaxed (and the rest of the neighborhood isn’t watching!)

If you have older children or high-schoolers like me, and wish you thought of this idea in the pre-pinterest era, don’t worry, you can still recreate the look. Just pull one photo from each September and put them together in a collage, add a little text, and you’ll have a similar effect.

My kids moaned and groaned about this tradition (especially as they got older) but with my oldest graduating this past May, it was worth it to look back at all of our 12 firsts!

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