your heart is not the obstacle to getting organized

it's your biggest strength

(I bet you have others, too!)





“When you start honoring the things you love, instead of just stressing about the things you have to let go of, everything changes”


be sentimental is a custom designed solution

to organizing your life's collections

Personalized Coaching

What is it that you really want? By stepping away from the “clutter” we’ll be able to look at the BIG picture to really clarify your goals and motivations.  We can then create a customized map that empowers (not overwhelms) you. You’ll discover the real treasures you’re looking for and just where to find them.  

find you strengths

You lead with your heart (I do, too!). Instead of struggling against it, you’ll learn to use its power to find the answers that are right for you. You have other strengths, too – and stories and memories that will all be honored. By taking a more holistic approach – the whole process becomes a lot happier! Yea!

support and accountability

I’ll be there to support you as your decision-making power strengthens and help you navigate around any obstacles that might crop up. And, based on your unique profile, I can offer many resources and tools that will help you celebrate your special memories. Sure, you could figure this out all by yourself, but things are always easier with a guide!